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Help Features:
   • Context-sensitive help • Dynamic menus • Built-in calculators

RS-232C Communications Features:

   • Send or receive
   • Electronic switchbox support
   • Optimized file stamping on read-back
   • CNC edits "ABSORBED" back into PC file
   • G-code backplotter shows wireframe view of your tape file

Editing Features:

   • 5-level instant undo, associative math re-calc, auto-save source

Database Features:
   • Programmable feed and speed library
   • Uniform file header, entry checking

Math Pack Features:

   • 7 types of triangle solved
   • On-the-fly line angles and arc centers, contouring
   • One key inch/mm and DMS/decimal degrees, polar/rectangular

Quick View Features:

   • Instant redraw, click-and-drag zoom
   • Single click on picture to Goto source line

Simulator Features:
   • Fully interactive (instant feedback) in wireframe or solid view mode
   • Click on solid to highlight associated source line
   • Estimates part program run-time (excl. some canned cycles)

CAD Conversion Features:
   • Imports AutoCAD DXF/DWG data into G-ZERO source
   • Exports G-ZERO source to DXF
   • User definable origin, Auto-scaling
   • Pan and Zoom using “Bird’s eye viewer”
   • Layer manager allows user selectable layers
   • MAT'L mode imports XZ
   • POINT mode imports XZ
   • RADIUS mode imports XZ and radius

Programming Features:
   • Parametric family-of-part automation
   • Widgets (user-defined functions), Basic language interface
   • Inline G-codes (%)

Built-in canned cycles:
• Tool select, w/ double turret support
• Face*, Bore*, Drill*, Tap*
• Rough turning and facing*, w/ undercut avoidance, w/ cast boundary
• Groove (including face grooves)*, w/ tapered walls, w/ dovetail, w/ full radius bottom
• Thread w/ pipe threads, G32 thread support w/ angular lead-in/out
• Point smoothing with arc-fit
• Rotate, Translate
• Repeat w/ nesting, reverse
• Bar-feed (or bar-pull)*, Tailstock*, Part-off
                                           * using lathe's canned cycle if applicable

Tool library Features:
• Up to 198 different shaped tools
• Supports any combination of part and tool materials
• Fully user-customizable
• Simulates tool (and holder) motion on-screen
• Automatically slows when cutting in non-optimal directions
• Automatically slows around outside corners
• 4 load levels allow parametric programming
• Makes surface finish to IPR conversions automatically

Custom Post Processor
Universal Post Builder for Lathes
Exotic Post Processor (eg: Y-axis, 5-axis, 6-axis...10-axis, screw machine)

Live tooling (C-Axis)
Live tooling (Y-Axis)

System Requirements
Windows 7 or newer