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Help Features:
   • Context-sensitive help • Dynamic menus • Built-in calculator
   • Training widgets

RS-232C Communications Features:
   • Send or receive
   • Electronic switchbox support
   • Optimized file stamping on read-back
   • CNC edits "ABSORBED" back into PC file
   • G-code backplotter shows wireframe view of your tape file

Editing Features:
   • 5-level instant undo with redo • Undo all edits • Auto-save source
   • Associative math re-calc • Quick alter points to corner radii
   • Cut/copy/paste between sources or into notepad

Database Features:
   • User-expandable part and tool libraries
   • Programmable feeds and speeds
   • Uniform file header • Entry checking

Math Pack Features:
   • 7 types of triangle solved
   • On-the-fly line angles and arc centers
   • One key inch/mm and DMS/Decimal degrees
   • Input using Cartesian, polar, cylindrical or metric units

Quick View Features:
   • Instant redraw top, side, end   • 4 isometric views using wireframe or solid   • Click-and-drag zoom • Zoom out (^O) • Zoom in (^I)   • Single click on picture to Goto source line

Simulator Features:
   • Sharp, ball, bull, corner, tapered, wheel and saw cutters supported
   • Draws solid clamps, vises, bolts
   • Estimates part program run-time

CAD Conversion Features:
   • Imports AutoCAD DXF/DWG data into G-ZERO source
   • CAD filter removes unwanted layers, types and data
   • Exports G-ZERO source to DXF
   • Single or Block pick mode
   • Pan and Zoom using “Bird’s eye viewer”
   • Layer manager allows user selectable layers

Programming Features:
   • Parametric family-of-part automation
   • Widgets (user-defined functions) • QuickBasic language interface
   • Inline G-codes (%)

Integrated Lettering/Engraving:
   • 10 single-stroke fonts, centered or left/right justified
   • Easily ‘clocked’ around a radius
   • Includes several symbol libraries, including recycling triangles
   • G2/G3 arc output for most fonts

Built-in canned cycles:
• Tool select, w/ auto-complete, spindle stop, spindle reverse
• Special tool shapes: tapered, ball, bull, corner, key-cutter, saw
• Mill actuate w/ multi-pass* and auto-ramp
• Rectangle*, Round*, Slot, O-ring, D-hole
• Contouring w/ gouge avoidance and automatic blend-on/off
• Chamfer with start/stop calculations
• Thread milling with single or multi-point
• Drill actuate* with or without R-plane
• C/sink, thru-hole calculations
• Drill bolt-circle, grid and frame
• Feature copy*, Part multiply*, Rotate, Translate
• Point smoothing with arc-fit
• Repeat w/ nesting, mirror, reverse, optimized drill path
• Pocket roughing w/ island avoidance, or mouse directed roughing
• 4th axis positioning
                                            * using canned cycle if applicable


Custom Post Processor
Universal Post Builder for Mills
Exotic Post Processor (eg: 5-axis or Polar)

Station (Mill Advanced Work Offset)
Wrap (Mill 4th Axis Continuous)
3D Building Blocks: Tilt, Trim, View, Project
4-Axis View
5-Axis View

System Requirements
Windows 7 or newer