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Lifeboat software helps you work from home
For a limited time, a home version is available at no charge, as long as you're using current software (Mill v5.8, Lathe v5.0), and as long as you can run TeamViewer on your home PC.  Please contact us right away if you need to shelter-in-place some days.

Did you know?  RS-232 comms can be networked from your programming PC out to your communications PC
Call us for help setting this up.  You can use network cable (works great over long distances), instead of RS-232 cable (works reliably only up to a few hundred feet)

Spiffy new Lathe Widget
Use your Y-axis lathe to deburr large cross-holes.  This new Widget calculates the chamfering sines and cosines to drop the tool exactly where you need it.  Then it outputs %XYZ blocks (not plotable) to move the tool along a 3D path without spinning in C at all.  Cleans up big burrs amazingly well!

Great Support just got better
- Premium Support (12 mo) now comes with 1 hour of online training, which you can use right away to learn about new G-ZERO language features, or you can save it until you need help on something you've never tried before!  That's $105 worth of extra value.
- Priority Support (24 mo) now comes with 2 hours of online training, which can also be used to pay for contract programming or even Widget design!  That's $210 worth of extra value.

Spiffy new Mill Widget
Are you tired of doing the math to calculate extra xmins and xmaxes for over-sized material?  We've got you covered.  If you own Mill v5, then just give us a call and we can copy it over and show you how it works!

Say goodbye to activation codes...
Supported customers (who have a zero balance owed) can request a new version that only needs codes when moving to a new PC!!

Say hello to quick g-code printouts WITH PICTURES
Under File | Print, you can now find an option to print g-code (without going to Codeshark or WinLauncher or Notepad), plus you can also print the toolsheet at the top of page 1.  As with other printing inside G-ZERO, you get a graphic (last saved) of your part!

Kinder and Gentler in Windows 8, 10
Some G-ZERO files were 'making Windows nervous', so we moved them.  Now G-ZERO runs as well in User mode as it does in Admin mode...a better user experience all the way around.

Mill v5.8 Now Shipping
- New CAD versions supported for DXF and DWG.
- Windows 10 users take a deep breath...we have you covered:
    - New installer engine works better in 64-bit versions of Windows.
    - Less intrusive activation codes offer greater stability over more years.
- Collision detection improved so that offending lines in source are immediately caught and more easily corrected.
- Owners of the Station Option now see better F2 graphics when CHILD is used.
- ROUND using %#STARTDIA enhanced.
- F6 enhanced with Ctrl+H (better high-resolution) graphics.
- Improved support for two-monitor-setups
- G75 tapping added.

Lathe v5.0 Now Shipping
- Zigzag ROUGH enhancement extends cutter life up to 40%.
- Feedrate finetuning allows precise feed control for each individual move of the cutter
- Cleaner menu, including larger fonts and Widget connectivity.
- Drawing speed control, plus Step Tool mode, plus translucent
- More shortcut keys to draw solid model instantly at different angles
- Collision detection now shows red mark AND the line that created the problem
- Dynamic part material list
- COMP now supports lookahead to correct contour jams and backups
- SUPERG71 improved to support cast rough boundaries and safe retract point
- SUPERGROOVE enhanced to make finish tool stop at mid-point, not at wall
- ID jaw support added to MAT’L command.  Just give a minus value for clamp amt.
- Adding new part materials greatly simplified.  Just add data to ADDMATS.F
- G70 canned cycle no longer confused by blank source lines
- New colors for source lines help readability
- New CAD file support for DXF and DWG
- Flipped part work can be shown in separate spindle, or back of part (both ops showing on same part correctly)
- Sub-spindle work can be shown in separate spindle, or back of part (TAKEOVER aware)
- Livetool mill passes
- Id/od tools types (set point) expanded to include 5=inside neutral, 6=outside neutral, 7=face neutral(rough outward), 8=face neutral(rough inward), 9=off-center, 11=livetool axial (face work), 12=livetool radial (side work).