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WinLauncher Demo  (Communication is disabled in this demo version)

G-ZERO WinLauncher is a Windows program that communicates with CNCs, backplots G-code files, and interfaces with other programs already installed on your computer or network.  WinLauncher can send (receive) data on COM1 through COM16, though not concurrently.  With a simple flip of a software switch, multiple seats of WinLauncher (each sold separately), can communicate with one another allowing one PC to act as a communications server.  This means any PC on your network can trigger a send or receive event.  For remote send/receive, just add our ROVER option.

After you download wle.zip, unzip the file to a temporary directory to extract installation files.  Run setup.exe to start installation.
System required:  Windows XP or newer.

USB-Serial devices seem unstable in many customers' shops.  We recommend internal (slot inserted) serial RS-232 cards.  Still, if you have a laptop or can't use an internal card, please check out www.serialgear.com.

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Note: PDF files require Acrobat Reader (TM).   You can download it from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html